Specular & Roughness Control for Unreal Engine Landscapes

I discuss more on this topic in the following video:

By default, when we create an Unreal Landscape it will look like this:

Screenshot (70).png

Check the glowing effect of the mountain. That looks fake.

To fix this we need to reduce the specular values of our landscape material. Then it will look like this:

Screenshot (71).png

Add wetness look (Roughness 0)

If I try to add some wetness to the ground, it has no effect due to this specular change. See, you cannot see any wetness on the floor.

Screenshot (72).png

To fix this, we need to bring back the specular values a bit. Then it looks like this:

Screenshot (73).png

It looks okay, but then we have the original problem again. We can play with specular values and get something we can work with.

But instead, we can try to use Camera Depth to reduce specular in the far distance. After we do that, we get the look we wanted.

Screenshot (74).png

You can watch this video to see how I did this. I already added this into OpenLand auto material as well.

See you soon with something cool.

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